A special and ecological fabric

Viscose is a cellulose fabric that imitates the softness of the precious fibers used historically, so it was once also called “artificial Silk”. It was invented in 1883 by the French chemist Count Hilaire Bernigaud de Chardonnet, who presented it at the Paris International Exhibition in 1891. The industrial method for the production of Viscose was patented in 1902 in Great Britain. First called artificial Silk and then Rayon, that fabric was created to meet the demand for fabrics similar to Silk, but cheaper. In the various forms and varieties, it represents about 14% of the artificial fibers produced by the industry. The cellulose Viscose fiber is extracted from cellulose of vegetable origin, while the Viscose protein fiber is extracted from proteins of other materials of vegetable origin, but also from waste materials from food production.

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