Did you know that lace has venetian origins?

It has always been considered a symbol of refinement and elegance, even if its processing began centuries ago, lace lives a new youth, returning to fashion on the catwalks, but also in everyday clothes.

A fine product that has now become very versatile, capable of bringing all tastes together. The invention of the particular processing of this fabric is the result of the inventiveness of the Venetian noblewomen of the fifteenth century.

With the passage of time, Lace became very fashionable and highly sought after even beyond local borders, so much so that Burano, the Venetian island still renamed for the making of the best lace in the world, began exporting this product throughout Europe.

A fabric capable of making us dream and satisfy our every look, without giving up our femininity. The Lace can be exploited for the games of transparency that it knows how to create, and is therefore suitable for a more sensual look, with which to be able to play, always maintaining that touch of elegance that distinguishes it.

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