Special and prestigious embroideries

Born in the early 1800s, San Gallo lace takes its name from the Swiss town of San Gallo, which is its largest producer. It is a fabric made with openwork or full embossed embroidery. The most widespread are cotton and linen, in fact the association of this fabric with the summer garments on the sleeves or embroidered hems is immediate. With the advance of time, technological progress and the industrial revolution had great consequences for the textile industry in the city and Josse Heilmann developed the first hand embroidery machine capable of embroidering using more than 300 needles, thus transferring the desired motif repeatedly on the fabric. The prestigious embroidery produced, became extremely popular during the period before the First World War. The ladies of high society did not miss an opportunity to show off their elaborate clothes. And over time all the great designers have continued to use it for the creation of bodices (see Dior), dresses, skirts, blouses and much more.

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